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The GT1 will be making its first appearance outside of the United States in Toronto at the 2023 Canadian International Auto Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Center on February 13-27th, 2023. The CIAS draws around 300,000 people each year, and features dazzling displays by a number of manufacturers focused in the performance car segment, including Porsche and Aston Martin. A GT1 will be showcased in the Autostrada Magazine booth alongside of other multi-million dollar collector variants from Ferrari, Porsche, Shelby and others.


For the show, GT1 will be revealed in a new iconic livery, paying homage to both the success of the GT40 Le Mans programs and the full carbon fiber body work that was developed around the Matech GT1 molds. A unique vision of the GT1 team has always been reimagining and reinterpreting heritage liveries through the extensive use of visible carbon fiber.

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