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Reimagined With No Limits.

The GT1, a motorsports homage built upon a limited run of 30 OEM chassis of the 1st Generation Ford GT.


Matech GT1 Lineage

Scrutinous attention to detail was paid to execute the GT1 around the Matech GT1 FIA homologation filing and production tooling. Suspension hardpoints, geometry and kinematics were followed as a basis for the GT1. Matech’s victories and championships in the GT3 series were the pedigree for the GT1 development. The GT1 is built from the original tooling of the Matech GT1.

Limited to 30 OEM Chassis

The GT1 team acquired 30 chassis that were stored for over 15 years by Ford Performance since being produced in 2006. They were crated and stored in a climate conditioned warehouse and look as fresh as when they came off production tools.


Unparalled Performance

The GT1 was engineered by a team of former Ford engineers to be the most raucous, visceral and committed execution of this mid-engine platform to date. With aggressive and optimized aerodynamics and a race-bred suspension, the GT1 will dominate club sports tracks. Garrett ball-bearing G35-900 turbos capable of over 1,500 horsepower provide motivation unlike no other.


Available Horsepower


Ball Bearing Turbochargers

Dressed in Carbon Fiber

The GT1 leveraged the original Matech body molds, which were refurbished, improved and modified for production. The entire body is produced in bespoke hand-laid large weave carbon fiber for extensive weight savings. Kevlar also reinforces high impact surfaces including the front splitter.

Relentless Power

The GT1 is motivated by a bespoke Roush Yates RY45. It's all-aluminum 427ci V8 features titanium valves allows it to spin effortlessly to 9,000rpm. The GT1 has a header-back titanium exhaust system which feeds twin Garrett G35-900 turbos with external wastegates. The intake system was developed from a clean sheet and incorporates an integral water-to-air intercooler with a core volume over 2x the GT500.

GT1 is not sponsored, associated, endorsed or affiliated with the Ford Motor Company.  Ford, Ford GT and any other products mentioned are the trademarks of their respective holders. Any mention of trademarked names or other marks is for purpose of reference only.

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