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Under control

The GT1 features an advanced suspension design drawing from the success of the Matech GT1, supported by key technology partner Multimatic.


Matech GT1 Geometry

The Matech GT1 suspension geometry was extensively benchmarked and referenced in the development of the GT1 suspension design. Attention and respect was paid to the original FIA documentation in the consideration of hard points, configuration and executions.


Multimatic DSSV

The GT1 team formed a quick bond with Multimatic due to their expertise on the Ford GT, and their history of providing dampers for the Matech GT1 and GT3 efforts. Multimatic is arguably the best damper manufacturer in the world for motorsports, with numerous Le Mans, Formula 1 and WEC wins under their belt. The GT1 team worked directly with Multimatic on a bespoke 4-way damper for the GT1, optimized around the chassis of the GT1 to provided the most connected experience possible.


Forged Monoblocks

GT1 partnered with Forgeline, the supplier to the Ford GT MKII for the lightest set of billet monoblock wheels available. The result is a SS1R wheel that can be finished in thousands of different anodized and painted finishes.

GT1 is not sponsored, associated, endorsed or affiliated with the Ford Motor Company.  Ford, Ford GT and any other products mentioned are the trademarks of their respective holders. Any mention of trademarked names or other marks is for purpose of reference only.

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