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The GT1 completed another round of engine and controls development with partners Roush and Haltech. Further optimization and improvements were carried out to the RY45TT. The improvements were focused on power delivery, torque curve shaping and advanced driver’s aids and controls.

The Roush Yates RY45TT in the GT1 is developed to run on both 93 octane and E85. This was an important consideration for the engineering team so that the GT1 could run on pump gases found at most gas stations and trackside fueling services. The engine itself utilizes an ethanol sensor to dynamically adjust the ignition timing and boost trims based on the detection of the percent of ethanol in the fuel flowing to the fuel rails. Ethanol burns cool allowing more timing and boost while preventing the onset of detonation.

The camshaft profile on the RY45TT has been optimized in conjunction with the Garrett G35 turbos to deliver an incredibly flat torque curve from 3800rpm up to 8500rpm. Almost 92% of the peak torque is available completely throughout that rev range at the lowest boost settings on a 4psi wastegate spring pressure. Twin 60mm wastegates allow very precise amounts of exhaust gases to hit the Garrett turbos to not introduce boost creep or other unpredictable responses. Power delivery was a huge consideration for the GT1 powertrain development program.

The GT1 team has further refined and increased the efficiency of its bespoke water-to-air intercooler that is integral to the GT1 billet intake assembly. Water circulation duties are handled by a Bosch water pump, quickly moving water to a large heat exchanger in the driver’s sidepod. This further optimization keeps intake air temperatures in check at larger boost levels are applied to the RY45TT.

Highlights from continued engine and chassis development work include a number of advanced settings to be utilized on the GT1. Some of the highlights include:

  • Adjustable Drive Modes including Rain, Rookie, Street, Sport, Qualifying and Race
  • Adjustable Boost Trims
  • Push-to-Pass
  • Rolling Anti-Lag
  • Launch Mode
  • Throttle Pedal Sensitivity Trim

The GT1 team is closing in on the final calibration and controls strategy and gearing up for bespoke engine production operations with Roush.

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